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About us

Forfarm Sp. z o.o. started up with the commercial activity at the end of 2006. We are a pharmaceutical wholesale company with an established position in the pharmaceutical market. We focus on the parallel import of medicinal products and export to the EU countries.

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    The parallel import procedure has been present on the EU market for over 40 years. In Poland it became possible in 2004, upon Poland’s accession to the EU. Based on the principle of the free movement of goods we can offer high quality medicinal products at competitive prices. Our parallel import licences

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Forfarm Sp. z o.o.
04-458 Warszawa
ul. Chełmżyńska 219
+48 22 206 55 55

The pharmaceutical wholesale company

Forfarm Sp. z o.o.
04-458 Warszawa
ul. Chełmżyńska 219
Permission to run a pharmaceutical wholesaler: GIF-N-411/649/1-6/MSH/12, GIF-N-4430/46/AB/12

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